/ Nov 24, 2020

WPK Starter Website

Special Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer



The price includes 28 hours (4 days) of development work as follows:

8 hours of installing the chosen demo

4 hours of changing the colors to the preferred scheme

16 hours of implementing changes to the website


Please be advised that the brief you provide below will become our Statement of Work. Within this offer, we work solely on the Homepage, all subpages remain default. Please provide all logos & photos you want to appear on the homepage via Dropbox or WeTransfer link. We do not implement any other content.

You will receive a coupon for 10% off for any extra changes made to the final product.


Statement of Work for WPK Starter Website


Please edit content in bold so we can choose the best-fitted specialists for you:


What is the goal of the project?

 <project goal description>


What is your projected audience?

 <projected audience description>


Are there any websites/applications you like and want to base upon?



What’s your preferred theme for this website?

 <preferred theme link>


What’s your preferred demo?

 <preferred demo link>


What’s your preferred Google Font?

 <preferred Google Font link>


What are your preferred colors?

 <preferred colors>


Which elements you don’t like about the current homepage?

<elements to change>


Anything you would like to add?

 <additional info>